Tag: human rights

  • Sucks, isn’t it?

    My days of not having COVID for two years and not even getting a single alert from the COVID-19 app are over. If the system allowed it, I would have been an alert on someone else’s phone. Having this disease now, I can attest to its weirdness. I don’t know; maybe it was weird because Read more

  • Arrivals, Tremors, and Racism

    I have promised myself a more organized life in every aspect. Well defined categories for this blog. A planned packing process. I have made an inventory that had two main sections: definitely and maybe. Since I have set a limit of 10 boxes to ship with FedEx, I had to play tetris to fit all Read more

  • Shopaholic

    I am discovering a new side of me after this move. I am a shopaholic. I create excuses to buy items. I am pretty good at finding those reasons. The most recent one I came up with was I want to dance to ‘I am the Best’ from 2NE1 in the Dance Central 3 game. Read more

  • Great Expectations

    Do I truly expect too much from people? A friend once said this to me. Perhaps my unhappiness or disappointments were connected to it.Say you meet with someone who says he or she is OK with people’s choice in gender to have sex with. You also hear them mentioning someone being gay several times. Is Read more