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  • Sorry Sorry

    I owe all of you an apology (Or as pointed by a dear friend, the world owes me an apology)! I learned from a journalist once that I should tell the take-home message in the beginning. “Ivermectin has no clinically proven effect on Covid-19.” Now where were we… You see I know within a year Read more

  • Entertainment Parks

    Found one other cause for the long-lasting muscle cramps. Entertainment parks… Being afraid of the roller coasters, and long waiting times of course two of the reasons. It was fun at least, but the cause is noted so next time I’m prepared. Hershey Park is a fun place to be in summers for sure. The Read more

  • Frozen Yogurt: The New Species

    I’m writing this here so I will be reminded from time to time when I browse through what I have written. It is dedicated to me from one, five, ten and fifteen years from now… So future me, stop buying random stuff from the market, especially when you take the label too literally. For example frozen Read more

  • Things I cannot do…

    I wish there was a way for people to understand without me going over all the details of my condition. When I say I cannot do it do not want to do it, I wish they magically guessed the reason and did not ask again. Most of the time when I say no to a Read more

  • Not a Joke!

    There were quite many times I told myself that I was exaggerating the symptoms and my muscles were not actually in a horrible shape. I take all of it back. Perhaps the menstrual cycle also affects the level of pain. But these past two weeks were nightmarish. Tubular aggregate myopathy or whatever this is, it Read more

  • Padam… padam…

    I wish there was an on/off button in our auditory system to eliminate the internal sounds. It’s really tiresome to hear these sounds all day long. I kept saying it can’t get worse for sometime after the tinnitus started. Let me correct myself, there is tinnitus and then there is pulsatile version… If you think Read more

  • Lies…

    Day 8 or 9 I forgot the count already. Yesterday was a lie, it is all back! The headache, the blocked ears, everything… In case of a real apocalypse, I want to be the first one dead! Surviving viral infections in 21th century with food, clean water and sewage systems is not something I can accomplish. Read more

  • What’s Happening?

    Day 7 I actually feel fine. I spent the day sleeping with a high fever. Oddly enough I didn’t have a fever till today. I woke up to eat food only and drink some water. At 5pm today, I woke up again for dinner (only to realise that I have slept too much and my Read more

  • Love microbes

    On the bright side of being ill, I have a chance to do Korean Drama Marathon. This time it was “Secret” and “Producers”. No, I don’t recommend you to watch “Secret” unless you are sick and you just need noise to be around. “Producer” was bearable but it ended so abruptly. Watch “It’s OK, It’s Love” Read more

  • Closer to a diagnosis…

    Ok I’m happy that I am closer to a diagnosis. It sounds stupid. But I am. I am happy because I have been doing the right thing all along by not pushing my limits. I accept the fact that I should still exercise within my limits. But now I know I was right when I kept Read more