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  • Bumblebees

    안녕하세요 여러분. 잘 지내 있어요? It has been a very long time, hasn’t it? What have I done all this time? Well, I worked and sat at home, then worked a bit more. Got vaccinated. Finally made the first trip and visited Montreal, seen friends whom I haven’t seen since 2014. One of them trolled Read more

  • Efficiency

    I never understood bookshelves that are sorted, in particular shelves that are used daily. Since elementary school, I didn’t enjoy keeping my books in any specific order besides the order I have been using them. It was a way to sort them. So if I had history and religion on the same day, those books Read more

  • Arrivals, Tremors, and Racism

    I have promised myself a more organized life in every aspect. Well defined categories for this blog. A planned packing process. I have made an inventory that had two main sections: definitely and maybe. Since I have set a limit of 10 boxes to ship with FedEx, I had to play tetris to fit all Read more

  • Lost Childhood

    It’s Friday night, after I have been toyed with in Baltimore streets with no help from people around (luckily I wasn’t physically harmed and I still have my belongings) , I have no desire to leave the house. Thinking that if I am in my temple, nothing can touch me. I won’t feel sad, I Read more

  • Controlling the happiness

    I do not know when one draws a line and says ‘No, the happiness you are feeling right now, is not right? Just as your sadness the other day.’ I, once, asked a psychiatrist why he/she mentioned that treating bipolar disorder is the hardest. Her/His response: How can you convince someone that they shouldn’t be Read more