HSFA: happiness, sadness, fear, and anger

You read the title write. This is where I unravel. The words that are clouding my mind at that exact moment... unedited. Not sure if not editing is a good idea but once you go over a piece you might silence the emotions. So I will apologise to grammar sticklers in advance.
  • Entertainment Parks

    Found one other cause for the long-lasting muscle cramps. Entertainment parks… Being afraid of the roller coasters, and long waiting times of course two of the reasons. It was fun at least, but the cause is noted so next time I’m prepared. Hershey Park is a fun place to be in summers for sure. The Read more

  • BSFS

    I had an awesome night! It is such an amazing feeling when you meet with people who are actually part of the science fiction convention, the organizing team. Baltimore Science Fiction Society building is how I imagine my house to be, if I ever get a chance to settle down. Full of books… oh that Read more

  • Shopaholic

    I am discovering a new side of me after this move. I am a shopaholic. I create excuses to buy items. I am pretty good at finding those reasons. The most recent one I came up with was I want to dance to ‘I am the Best’ from 2NE1 in the Dance Central 3 game. Read more

  • Frozen Yogurt: The New Species

    I’m writing this here so I will be reminded from time to time when I browse through what I have written. It is dedicated to me from one, five, ten and fifteen years from now… So future me, stop buying random stuff from the market, especially when you take the label too literally. For example frozen Read more

  • Great Expectations

    Do I truly expect too much from people? A friend once said this to me. Perhaps my unhappiness or disappointments were connected to it.Say you meet with someone who says he or she is OK with people’s choice in gender to have sex with. You also hear them mentioning someone being gay several times. Is Read more

  • Things I cannot do…

    I wish there was a way for people to understand without me going over all the details of my condition. When I say I cannot do it do not want to do it, I wish they magically guessed the reason and did not ask again. Most of the time when I say no to a Read more

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    It was inevitable. After watching dramas and listening to songs from Korea, I started to try Korean cuisine. I’m not much of a cook. I always say I’m better at baking than cooking. But this chicken noodle soup was not so bad. It was quite good. That’s if you like garlic. The original recipe is Read more

  • Not a Joke!

    There were quite many times I told myself that I was exaggerating the symptoms and my muscles were not actually in a horrible shape. I take all of it back. Perhaps the menstrual cycle also affects the level of pain. But these past two weeks were nightmarish. Tubular aggregate myopathy or whatever this is, it Read more

  • Panic mode: ON

    Everything is fixed for the dissertation and I will be in panic mode for the next six weeks. Luckily I know how to fight the chaos. With chaos! I bought Kinect and dance central.  I don’t think I will rock the dance floor anytime soon but the pain on my muscles after playing the game Read more