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CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

Last year, I have gifted myself a gaming laptop. After going back and forth between “I must have one” vs. “They are just so bulky and expensive. Plus, I already have a 2015 MBP with blown speakers, and IPad with Apple Pencil, 2 e-book reader of which 1 was supposed to be sold ages ago”. Despite all my screams, of course, the former has one. Sooner or later it wins, as long as the focus is brought back to the subject again.

Finding the right one was another issue. Some mentioned horrible screen quality, some mentioned a lack of usb-c port, others said the speakers were bad… After much struggle, I chose Acer Predator Helios 300 with RTX 2070. The card is good enough to last for some years and I could not only play games but dive into the world of CUDA. There are three ways one can go about using CUDA on a Windows computer. Continue reading CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

The Pitfalls

It is ironic how easy yet difficult it is to start learning computational methods or tools. I am looking back at the first ever code I wrote in python (available at the end of my master thesis). It’s not bad at all, considering the fact that I used to, literally, hate computers in the years prior to 2009. I have used “try, except”, created classes, defined functions.

8 years have passed since I wrote that code. Although it was easy to start, how much I have progressed since then? The answer is ‘quite a lot’. Have I truly become an expert? ‘Probably not!’

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