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  • Adding Legend in Pymol

    Adding Legend in Pymol

    Every so often I have to label what each of those differently colored structures means when I get a snapshot in pymol. It gets a bit annoying when I have more than two structures. Using matplotlib package, I can obtain the color of the structures and create those legends within pymol, can’t I? Oh yes,…

  • CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

    CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

    Last year, I have gifted myself a gaming laptop. After going back and forth between “I must have one” vs. “They are just so bulky and expensive. Plus, I already have a 2015 MBP with blown speakers, and IPad with Apple Pencil, 2 e-book reader of which 1 was supposed to be sold ages ago”.…

  • The Monkey Appetite

    The Monkey Appetite

    I don’t think “monkey appetite” idiom exists in English. In Turkish, it is used to describe someone who gets bored quite easily, drops what they have been doing and starts something new. They are not necessarily lacking the skills to see the end of their work, it is just not exciting anymore so they drop…

  • The Pitfalls

    The Pitfalls

    It is ironic how easy yet difficult it is to start learning computational methods or tools. I am looking back at the first ever code I wrote in python (available at the end of my master thesis). It’s not bad at all, considering the fact that I used to, literally, hate computers in the years…

  • Manuscripts

    Now that’s an interesting one… Manuscripts I shall try and post a blog entry about the experience. Hopefully, writing the thesis will be much smoother.