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  • OMG It is real!!!

    OMG It is real!!!

    You might wonder what’s so professional talking about dresses. You have to remember society’s expectations of a woman, and how trying to fight those is actually a big part of our life in both professional and personal setting. It is truly happening! I am defending my thesis. June 1st, I will give my presentation a […]

  • Jin-jja-yo?

    Aaargh…. One of the side effects of writing is the constant need for noise. I’m not joking. If it is too silent, I can’t sit still. It reminds me of the entrance exams to high school and university. So I listen to music and I have to sing along of course from time to time. […]

  • Scripts Toolbox for Protein Art

    Scripts Toolbox for Protein Art

    Look at me, all grown up using git and creating websites with sphinx. Why I started all this? Well to finish a course project. And also I had to obtain better programming practices. If you want to read a fancier, longer answer including why I needed better programming practices here is your answer: Coding is […]

  • Manuscripts

    Now that’s an interesting one… Manuscripts I shall try and post a blog entry about the experience. Hopefully, writing the thesis will be much smoother.

  • Making a Change

    That wasn’t so bad… I actually survived the infectious attack with the minimal possible damage, meaning in about 3 years I’ll be deaf in my right year. If I’m lucky I’ll still have a healthy left ear by that time. I found myself wondering what I really want to do with my life after PhD. […]

  • Survival Guide to TEVC in Oocytes

    Survival Guide to TEVC in Oocytes

    Lessons learned this path month: If you are working with a new compound have one control that you know the response to. If you are working with mRNA, get one good stock and abuse that as much as possible. If you obtained a fancy perfusion system, get a simple one in which you can just dip […]

  • Dancing Channels

    Dancing Channels

    It was a very productive week after all… ANM calculations from 2µs GABAaR-ß3 simulation. Not so realistic cool dance moves, perfect for a Friday night.

  • Lots of ‘Oh no! I didn’t finish the project!’s and ‘Why?’s …

    Lots of ‘Oh no! I didn’t finish the project!’s and ‘Why?’s …

    Starting to feel like my brain is the crazy one here and there is actually nothing wrong with my body. Now I’m suffering from knee pain… I have been standing a bit more than usual, but so what! You don’t have to punish me for several days for that. I got the message already. I […]