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  • Dear PIs

    Dear PIs

    Disclaimer: The term principal investigator is used synonymously for head of the lab/mentor/manager/… you fill in the blanks! I wanted to start with “No need to state the obvious…” yet it seems no matter how many times the obvious is stated in academia, things doesn’t seem to change. Perhaps it is my expectations that is […]

  • The Pitfalls

    The Pitfalls

    It is ironic how easy yet difficult it is to start learning computational methods or tools. I am looking back at the first ever code I wrote in python (available at the end of my master thesis). It’s not bad at all, considering the fact that I used to, literally, hate computers in the years […]

  • Getting Ready for BPS? Insider Tips for Food & Alcohol

    Getting Ready for BPS? Insider Tips for Food & Alcohol

    You are probably making your plans, and booking your hotels for the BPS Annual Meeting in Baltimore. First things first, there isn’t a safe street in Baltimore.  I cannot name a street I have felt absolutely safe. But no, you won’t get shot every other day either. Be alert, probably take uber or bus late […]

  • A tutorial for MD simulations in Turkish

    A tutorial for MD simulations in Turkish It was fun, and frustrating at the same time to work with a jupyter notebook. Running it on your computer is so much fun. Thanks to NGLViewer  I was able to show the structures in a more interactive way. Writing everything in Jupyter notebook and uploading it to Github is a nice combination. The source […]

  • Why do science?

    I haven’t felt this much before. Perhaps I was inexperienced or didn’t know how to relate to others. This year’s Biophysical Society Meeting while browsing the posters, I have sensed this fear of those few presenters. I know the topic they are working on, which I shall not disclose here, is quite hot because more […]

  • Testing the speed of sun-acquired redness under the sun of San Francisco

    It’s fast ladies and gentlemen. I can no longer tolerate sun! Why? When? How exactly this change happened but I can no more brag about not getting red from too much sun.Is it 7 years living in Sweden that altered my skin? Or because I was bragging too much that my body wanted to teach […]

  • Still Alive

    It is hard not to keep laughing at the recent events in both Turkey and USA. Not because it is funny, but simply because there is nothing left to do besides laughing hysterically. I hope that there will be some countries left on the face of the earth in the upcoming years. Sure as hell, […]

  • Haha

    I cannot find any other words to describe the current political situation. Haha! is the best one I have. One good thing that came out of Trump’s election as president… We are not alone anymore! I can’t stop giggling at what he said; can you believe it? Sweden!  The situation is no different from you-know-who saying one […]

  • The journey to J-1

    I have decided to start from the beginning. Obtaining J-1. I am not sure if it is generally like that, but obtaining a J-1 visa was pretty easy.  That said, getting residence permit in Sweden was much easier, on application level only. In Sweden, you fill in one form, you pay one application fee, then […]

  • New Beginnings

    Next destination University of Maryland… Excited for the things I will learn, and the new group I get to work with. Well was excited! Until I started making a list of things to do in order to move away! So I have decided I will share all this fuss with you all. This way it […]