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  • Who Discovered the Single-Domain Antibody (Nanobody)?

    Who Discovered the Single-Domain Antibody (Nanobody)?

    It had been a long while since I wandered through the history of biology. I used to do that more during my bachelor’s and master’s studies. I wonder what led me to stop. It’s not like I had read enough. On the contrary, I had read too little. I hadn’t read Watson and Crick’s DNA Read more

  • So mRNA…

    So mRNA…

    It was the first day of the American Peptide Society conference, and the keynote speaker was Mellisa J. Moore, CSO of Moderna. It was wonderful to hear and be reminded of all the past research that enabled the development of mRNA vaccines. I suppose developing a therapeutic or new method that everyone in the world Read more

  • The Need for Speed: Google Code Jam

    The Need for Speed: Google Code Jam

    I have finally upgraded this website properly. I had been stuck on a design worthy of 2010s. I had so many plugins installed, and I would keep installing more. It wasn’t sustainable anymore. Time for a change. Updating a website could be a daunting task if you have never done it before. You don’t know Read more

  • CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

    CUDA on WSL2 for Dummies

    Last year, I have gifted myself a gaming laptop. After going back and forth between “I must have one” vs. “They are just so bulky and expensive. Plus, I already have a 2015 MBP with blown speakers, and IPad with Apple Pencil, 2 e-book reader of which 1 was supposed to be sold ages ago”. Read more

  • The Joy

    The Joy

    I have often wondered why human kind in different parts of the world, independently, believed in a creator. Creator took different forms, nevertheless, the idea of a higher being/force was there since the beginning of our history (figuratively speaking, my anthropology knowledge is better than Flintstones, but not great). I think I have the answer Read more

  • Ideas vs. Products

    Ideas vs. Products

    Do you remember the first novel you have read all by yourself a bit after you had learned how to read? Mine was, “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne, I have probably given this example many times, but it is such a happy memory for me. I am not sure, I think it Read more

  • Oppa Bias

    Oppa Bias

    I watch quite a lot of Korean dramas. It is my one and only addiction. My addiction is on a level of “Let me learn Korean because translation to English just does not work. The culture is not right!”. I made some progress reading Hangul, completed a Coursera course, and have not spoken a word Read more

  • The Monkey Appetite

    The Monkey Appetite

    I don’t think “monkey appetite” idiom exists in English. In Turkish, it is used to describe someone who gets bored quite easily, drops what they have been doing and starts something new. They are not necessarily lacking the skills to see the end of their work, it is just not exciting anymore so they drop Read more

  • I present you Protein Art…

    I present you Protein Art…

    It is funny how I have searched for the name protein art for this website with a concept in mind and never actually work on it. Inspiration struck before, had lots of ideas and I have managed to create a masterpiece for my thesis cover but no action after that… I finally picked up this Read more

  • Dear PIs

    Dear PIs

    Disclaimer: The term principal investigator is used synonymously for head of the lab/mentor/manager/… you fill in the blanks! I wanted to start with “No need to state the obvious…” yet it seems no matter how many times the obvious is stated in academia, things doesn’t seem to change. Perhaps it is my expectations that is Read more