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  • The Ring

    You think at some point your nerves are gonna get tired and stop hearing this noise. Otherwise what’s the point of desensitization? I have been spending 15 days with tinnitus… All kinds of it, in addition to hearing echo. Of course it’s all accompanied by a hearing loss. It might be past time that I Read more

  • Why the butt?

    Finally, in-person meetings are taking off, and I had a chance to attend one after so long. I am at the American Peptide Society conference here at Whistler. It was the first day of the conference. As it should be, going to be pretty beaten up at the end of each day. The 3-hour time Read more

  • Sucks, isn’t it?

    My days of not having COVID for two years and not even getting a single alert from the COVID-19 app are over. If the system allowed it, I would have been an alert on someone else’s phone. Having this disease now, I can attest to its weirdness. I don’t know; maybe it was weird because Read more

  • Bumblebees

    안녕하세요 여러분. 잘 지내 있어요? It has been a very long time, hasn’t it? What have I done all this time? Well, I worked and sat at home, then worked a bit more. Got vaccinated. Finally made the first trip and visited Montreal, seen friends whom I haven’t seen since 2014. One of them trolled Read more

  • Efficiency

    I never understood bookshelves that are sorted, in particular shelves that are used daily. Since elementary school, I didn’t enjoy keeping my books in any specific order besides the order I have been using them. It was a way to sort them. So if I had history and religion on the same day, those books Read more

  • Sorry Sorry

    I owe all of you an apology (Or as pointed by a dear friend, the world owes me an apology)! I learned from a journalist once that I should tell the take-home message in the beginning. “Ivermectin has no clinically proven effect on Covid-19.” Now where were we… You see I know within a year Read more

  • I love you, kiddo!

    Planets were equal to kick-ass women for a long while in my mind as a kid. No thanks to Sailor Moon! The civilization once was on the moon gets destroyed, and the princess and her guardians are now on earth, waking up one by one, protecting the earth from extremely dangerous beings. The guardians were Read more

  • Arrivals, Tremors, and Racism

    I have promised myself a more organized life in every aspect. Well defined categories for this blog. A planned packing process. I have made an inventory that had two main sections: definitely and maybe. Since I have set a limit of 10 boxes to ship with FedEx, I had to play tetris to fit all Read more

  • Lost Childhood

    It’s Friday night, after I have been toyed with in Baltimore streets with no help from people around (luckily I wasn’t physically harmed and I still have my belongings) , I have no desire to leave the house. Thinking that if I am in my temple, nothing can touch me. I won’t feel sad, I Read more

  • Controlling the happiness

    I do not know when one draws a line and says ‘No, the happiness you are feeling right now, is not right? Just as your sadness the other day.’ I, once, asked a psychiatrist why he/she mentioned that treating bipolar disorder is the hardest. Her/His response: How can you convince someone that they shouldn’t be Read more