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And the wait begins…

Ok it hurts. It’s bearable but annoying. If you are a person who cannot scream like me, get ready shedding tears. They tried distracting me during the procedure, they did kind of an awesome job in that. But… oh dear… when they pull that muscle pieces out, I felt the entire muscle being torn apart from my knee all do way to the incision point.

It sucks that it will take a month for me to get the results. But can’t blame anyone. The decision making is done by professionals on different fields coming together once a month and going through all the cases for that month. The more minds on the case the better the decision I guess.

A month and then we will see if all is on my head, or the pain is real.

In the meantime lying in bed for the first couple of days, coughing, writing. Hah maybe they will also diagnose my recurrent upper respiratory infections 😛 Also learned today, I’m kind of toxicated by 1000mg paracetamol, had a good 5 hour sleep.

Lots of ‘Oh no! I didn’t finish the project!’s and ‘Why?’s …

Starting to feel like my brain is the crazy one here and there is actually nothing wrong with my body. Now I’m suffering from knee pain… I have been standing a bit more than usual, but so what! You don’t have to punish me for several days for that. I got the message already.

I came home early because of the pain with little motivation to finalise the analysis on GluCl, I decided to finish the project for the course ‘Software development toolbox‘. The course was very useful. I actually think I would do two PhDs within 5 years, if I had learned and applied all that. I probably should fail the course for delivering the project awfully late though.

Regardless for now I should focus on finishing the project, otherwise I’ll never start using github and I’ll never create proper documentation.

Here is the link to the project’s website: .