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Yay! I have got the response. I was expecting a score well below the threshold but seems like I have got a good, ambitious idea. I bet many do make it to the the threshold point. Anyways, I just need a CV boost to provide background for it for they have no excuse in giving me a 100 over 100 🙂

That pretty much decides the question for the future. Keyboard or pipette? While I have a good connection with keyboard, I need to obtain a pipette to get funding for the project.

But first things first, I need to write that thesis!!!!

Waiting room is this way!

This is one hell of a waiting time… They even placed a counter (not saying for what but you can guess). In the meantime I need to write my thesis. CounterI also have a very exciting structure to look at. The GlyR structure is out! Not the best resolution but it is in multiple states. And I’m no expert (well compared to researches studied these channels for more than a decade) but it will (not might) shake our view on LGICs. Just when I think the picture was complete, it just got more exciting!