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And the wait begins…

Ok it hurts. It’s bearable but annoying. If you are a person who cannot scream like me, get ready shedding tears. They tried distracting me during the procedure, they did kind of an awesome job in that. But… oh dear… when they pull that muscle pieces out, I felt the entire muscle being torn apart from my knee all do way to the incision point.

It sucks that it will take a month for me to get the results. But can’t blame anyone. The decision making is done by professionals on different fields coming together once a month and going through all the cases for that month. The more minds on the case the better the decision I guess.

A month and then we will see if all is on my head, or the pain is real.

In the meantime lying in bed for the first couple of days, coughing, writing. Hah maybe they will also diagnose my recurrent upper respiratory infections 😛 Also learned today, I’m kind of toxicated by 1000mg paracetamol, had a good 5 hour sleep.

I’m back!

It was an unsuccessful attempt to transfer hosting from NetworkSolutions to DreamHost. I simply didn’t back up my dear old wordpress site properly. How was I supposed to remember that I didn’t back up the database it was linked too? I never even looked at that database, since I used one-click installation.

Oh well! Fresh starts are always welcomed on my life. So I’m back!

Currently struggling with respiratory infection. Bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, otitis… They formed the ‘Voltran’ and crucified me! On top of that I’m dealing with increased pain on my legs and knees. I got some blood tests, EMG+EEG. All was perfectly normal! I’m the healthiest unhealthy creature on earth! My metabolism is awesome. I don’t eat much fruits, don’t consume plenty of fluids, yet my kidneys are on fire and my vitamin levels are good. No indication of a neurological disorder. But the fact that I don’t have much strength was confirmed by the doctor and she asked for a muscle biopsy. She was astonished by my toe walking. She asked a few times if I was a ballerina or took any sort of dance lessons. No and no. I just loved walking on my toes since childhood. If my memory doesn’t play tricks on me, I think my mother mentioned once that they took me to a doctor to check whether something was wrong. I guess I’m just a natural unless it’s muscular dystrophy.

Dystrophy or not I had in mind some sort of a muscle+ tendon problem before I wen’t to the doctor. I’ll either confirm what I had in mind, thus being able to tell people ‘shut the fuck up, I’ll not do that’ in certain situations or accept that all is in my head, thus I should be the one ‘to shut the fuck up’. We’ll see in a few months (at least I hope to get an appointment for the biopsy soon).