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Survival Guide to TEVC in Oocytes

Lessons learned this path month:

  • If you are working with a new compound have one control that you know the response to.
  • If you are working with mRNA, get one good stock and abuse that as much as possible.
  • If you obtained a fancy perfusion system, get a simple one in which you can just dip into the vials and prepare solutions on the fly.
  • If you ever get a response from one oocyte just record the whole damn thing… modulation, dose response curve… whatever you can think of… you may never find that response again!
  • Don’t out smart the bioanalyzer … If it says equilibrate it at room temperature for half an hour, let it wait for half an hour not less.
  • Learn not to weep over a 96 well plate full with oocytes thrown into the graveyard… actually cross that do cry over them, because you have just spent an entire week waiting for nothing.
  • If you ever let them outside, record max in 2 days.
  • Plan ahead when to inject, when to record!

Even better just stick with your simulations, don’t bother with experiments 🙂 It was so much fun last week, I manage to get concentration curve from 2 oocytes. I was ready for alcohol modulation… But no response. I tried like 20 oocytes… nothing nothing! Why o why you do this to me oocytes. I am sorry I had to abandon you and do shit loads of writing. I have deadlines, you know!