The Ring

You think at some point your nerves are gonna get tired and stop hearing this noise. Otherwise what’s the point of desensitization?

I have been spending 15 days with tinnitus… All kinds of it, in addition to hearing echo. Of course it’s all accompanied by a hearing loss. It might be past time that I get hearing aids even if my hearing loss is a mild one. It’s such a torture to try to hear people and ask them to repeat the same sentence a gazillion times. It takes the joy out of conversations.

I wasn’t a great conversationalist to being with, it would take time for me to open up. With hearing loss I just became even greater. I am probably speaking more words with my facial expressions than my tongue. I have to have some oddities. Otherwise I couldn’t really do justice to my name that means stranger, unique.

A name I grew to like more with every passing day. I am odd, I am unique but at the same time sometimes silly, sometimes smart just like everyone else.


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