Why the butt?

Finally, in-person meetings are taking off, and I had a chance to attend one after so long. I am at the American Peptide Society conference here at Whistler. It was the first day of the conference. As it should be, going to be pretty beaten up at the end of each day. The 3-hour time difference shows itself when it’s 22:00, and it’s pointed out to you that it’s 01:00 in Toronto. The thought of “I should be sleeping” can no longer be ignored. You are getting drunk on jetlag and start reinventing stuff that has already been invented. So far so good; everything is part of the usual in-person conference deal.

Went for a hike around Whistler. It’s a pretty nice village. I am jealous of this small town having absolutely everything. From, wait for it, laser hair removal all the way to an art gallery. Trying out local beers, checking out new plants or mushrooms. Look at this thing that’s possibly a mushroom; isn’t it really fascinating? I must find out what type it is. I’ll also paint it. It would be really nice to make this with watercolour pencils.

Do you know what else is fascinating? The universal human behaviour of throwing coins into still water: ponds, lakes, fountains, …. You see a puddle you can throw a coin at. For example, check out the butt of the Capoeira dancer Jeri’s bronze sculpture.

Why would anyone throw a coin there?


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