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I owe all of you an apology (Or as pointed by a dear friend, the world owes me an apology)! I learned from a journalist once that I should tell the take-home message in the beginning. “Ivermectin has no clinically proven effect on Covid-19.” Now where were we…

You see I know within a year of my move to a different city/country that is further away than a 1-hour train ride, a disaster strikes. I have more than a single sample point to prove the correlation. Here we go:

We moved to Hatay, within 1 year an earthquake happened and it snowed for the first time in a very long time. We could go for a picnic in the mountains on Jan 1st if you can’t picture how long it had been since it snowed there.

We moved to Istanbul in 1998, an earthquake happened in 1999. It wasn’t exactly in Istanbul, but it was a deadly one. I still remember the moment I opened my eyes. The electricity wasn’t cut off. My parents’ voices…  The apartment across getting closer to ours… My mother’s instincts telling her to rearrange the living room. She moved the dinner table in front of the cabinet that displays all the different whiskeys, wines waiting for special occasions. My siblings were sleeping in the living room, we had my brother visiting us. Best rearrangement she has ever done that probably saved the life of my siblings. Whatever the cabinet held turned into “broken pieces with memories in alcohol soup”.

I moved to Sweden, worst snow of, what, 100 years. Someone told me not to worry: ‘It would probably snow 13cm, winters are not like what it used to be.’ Yeah, sure. I think you forgot a zero there, it definitely snowed more than a meter.

I was preparing to move to the USA, well you know who got elected. I even joked: “Of course, he will be elected because I am moving there.” If that wasn’t a disaster global enough I don’t what was. Clearly my impact was getting bigger and bigger.

I have ignored all the signs and moved to Canada. Pandemic… I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I will start a campaign to prevent me from moving. I am afraid next time a meteor will hit and it will be the end of us. Or worse, The Road will come true. Great movie, by the way, watch that if you are not depressed enough these days.

I suppose if you kept reading till here, you weren’t aware of how silly conclusions we can draw from correlations or you certainly enjoyed the joke. I wish the disasters were bound to me, moving around, I would gladly live in one house and grow roots together with my cherry tree and have several cats. But it is not. It’s just a coincidence I cherry-pick to make up a story.

It’s a strange time we live in. Not just because of the viral outbreak, human history is no stranger to those. It’s strange because despite having this mass media, internet sources, some people having access to information if not all, we still have so much utterly nonsense information floating around.

I see newspapers writing about ivermectin. The molecule whose partial charges, bonds and angles I have saved in a file in my computer was the center of some news articles. It is to cure covid-19. “The miracle drug.” Ivermectin is a miracle if you have parasites but that’s about it. It has no clinically proven effect on viral diseases, let me correct myself, on sars-cov-2. I haven’t searched all the viral diseases. Sure in the test tube, it is effective, but from there to the human body is a very long journey. The original article clearly states that the tests are done in the test tube. But the headlines play with the words and leave that tiny detail to the end of the article where no one ever reaches.

Have you read till here? I am impressed. I watched The 100 and my first impression was, yes we are as stupid as ever even after a deadly nuclear attack that turns earth inhabitable. I am watching people’s feed, comments. I repeat my remark about that series. We are as stupid as ever. Quick to create sensational news, point fingers to blame without any proof or worse spread fake news. Anyways  I hope you are safe and find things to do under this quarantine.

I have already checked baking lahmacun, finishing a book I have been reading for a very long time, reorganizing the house a million times due to draft, and sleeping almost 24h due to a hunger-induced headache. How am I supposed to wake up for breakfast if my blood sugar is low in the morning (I suspect it was low blood sugar as it has happened before)?! My brain found the answer in headaches! Let’s communicate with this human so she feels miserable and wakes up. How about you find a way not to lower my blood sugar while eat what I want and do not do any exercise, brain? After today, I shall wake up at 6am to eat with the cat. I have been stretching when she is stretching as an exercise already. I am learning survival from my cat.

What have you been up to?


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