I love you, kiddo!

Planets were equal to kick-ass women for a long while in my mind as a kid. No thanks to Sailor Moon! The civilization once was on the moon gets destroyed, and the princess and her guardians are now on earth, waking up one by one, protecting the earth from extremely dangerous beings. The guardians were all from different planets, hence planets were associated with those guardians and their personalities in my mind.

It is such a wonderful feeling when you share the same bond with friends, and the message you one day with the wonderful news that Sailor Moon gets a  reboot! I was over the moon, and watched the entire series again. My favourite was Rei. I don’t know why maybe because of the similarity between our hair or our temper. I loved the series but I was never the type to buy collectables. Sure, I was going to name my cat, Luna, after Usagi’s cat but luckily my nephew who adopted a dog at the time chose to name his dog Luna. So I had to find a different name, two Luna’s seemed one too many. My Sailor Moon fan levels were kept in check.

Until that day… I was walking in the Royal Ontario Museum. I was exhausted, ready to just call it a day and go back to my AirBnB. The geology section was just ahead. I was never fascinated by rocks and minerals. I could search a spot to sit maybe, so I just strolled around. Then I saw the “Queen Beryl-sama” . All that pain got pushed back in my mind, my legs were still killing me and my back felt like it split in half, but there she was “Queeeeen Beryl”. How did I forget? While the guardians were planets, the evil handsome guys and their queen were minerals. I have arranged an impromptu Sailor Moon tour in ROM right that moment. I run from screen to screen, trying to locate as many of them as I can (if someone was watching the security cameras, they sure laughed a lot seeing this crazy rat running around). I got mad a little because they have kept them in different cages! There was a great opportunity to create a Sailor Moon exhibition, and they wasted it. Unbelievable! (ROM is a great museum, by the way, an impressive collection of pottery, etc. I bought the membership and plan to spend there as much time as I can) So I decided to create a “not that kinda tour” series to inform everyone about these unique museum tours. The first one will be about Sailor Moon.

I am moving yet again, I had to deal with a new problem in the current house every week, it took a long time to find another place,… yada yada… so I didn’t have time to create a proper tour but here are some photos till I can. It was a nice walk in the memory lane that made me thankful to the five-year old that lives in mind. Thank you, kiddo, without you life would not be as fun. I would certainly not finish that day with joy since I was really in too much pain.

Malachite, Jadeite, Beryl, Zoisite


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