The Time Regulation Institute

I cannot believe I have never heard of this book till this age. Being from Turkey, how I have missed this piece.
There are many details in the beginning that makes you wonder why on earth he talks about all these things? You see later on why you needed to know them. Think about your own life, you are who you are with all those details. If you just look at the shadows, there aren’t that many different people. But with the details you are you and I am me.
I’ll have re-read it to spot the ones I have missed in the beginning but there is a passive criticism towards society, bureaucracy, etc. I really liked the tone he took. He doesn’t make these bold statements that it has to be changed, rather the main character doesn’t make bold moves to change it. He rolls through these hardships and you see the ridiculousness of the situation. I can’t find the words to describe it. Is it called black humor? Perhaps that’s what I am trying to explain.

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