My muscle cramps probably not entirely due to TAM. A recent event demonstrated clearly what happens before I get these long lasting cramps.

Say you go out for dinner and have coffee afterwards. Everything is what you have been eating before. Stress level is of course slightly higher than usual. Everything is fine, you come back home. Coffee has no effect on your sleep, you see the pillow and you are out! You even don’t wake around 3am. So it is close to be a good night.

Then you wake up… you wish you didn’t. Every inch of your bowels hurts. You feel like you need to poop. But nope not gonna work. You wonder if you will get diarrhea. Nope, not the case. Something has irritated your digestion system. You stay home, eat yoghurt, water, bread… You make a salad for lunch.  Then you eat nuts, yoghurt, bread… Nothing calms this down. It’s evening now, you want a better food. So you boil cauliflower-broccoli with lemon and olive oil. You make cummin tea. You drink more water. Nothing works. Exhausted you go to bed.

You wake up the next morning. Starving… You think it is the usual morning hunger. You have breakfast, bread-egg-cheese-olives-rose jam. An hour passses… Two hour passess… You are still starving and it is getting worse. You need food but you shouldn’t eat too much so you eat yoghurt to survive till lunch. You take out a lunchbox frozen for emergency situations. Then you make salad as a second lunch. At this point you understand hobbits asking for second breakfast. You keep eating in small amounts. It’s evening, you get a headache.  Again exhausted you go to bed.

You wake up the next morning. Everything is fine. You say thanks to your brain who fixes up problems while you are at sleep. Then you make an attempt to move. Ouch! Muscle cramps… ‘What a nice surprise, my dear. I have missed you so much!’ I must have really screwed up to have these cramps right after all that problems with the digestive track. You swallow a voltaren pill, 20mg. Nothing bad. Half a day passess, you realize nothing will help and it will last a few days. You can stock on bananas, spinach, paprika, etc. all you want, it has been messed up once it will take time to heal.

A neat sequence of events… Mess up your bowels, then your blood sugar levels (probably pancreas) and end up with long lasting muscle cramps. Isn’t it nice?  And the best part is I don’t know what has irritated my bowels this much. I ate calamari, california rolls, dumplings and salad. And I have eaten all that before. It’s not food poisoning. I would have been waaay worse otherwise. It might have been coffee, but there wasn’t any cream or milk in it. Last time coffee destroyed me it was with cream, lost of cream. Maybe it’s the fried food.

I wish not to repeat this episode ever again…

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