Frozen Yogurt: The New Species

I’m writing this here so I will be reminded from time to time when I browse through what I have written. It is dedicated to me from one, five, ten and fifteen years from now…

So future me, stop buying random stuff from the market, especially when you take the label too literally. For example frozen yogurt Yollibox, you might naively think that it is yogurt chilled in the freezer but in reality it is a crossbreed between Agave, Chicory and Cow. While the rest of the world seems to be going crazy about the contribution of Chicory to this new breed, remember even the good bacteria will turn on you when given a chance! That inulin they got there, my darling, is not meant for you. 

And you people of this day, just what kind of non-efficient bacterial flora you have that eating this new breed gives you nothing but a refreshing feeling? I am most curious. Because mine that has gotten me through to this age without any lack of vitamins and minerals has gone mad over this inulin. I have felt sick to the point I was begging to throw up. 

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