New Beginnings

Next destination University of Maryland… Excited for the things I will learn, and the new group I get to work with. Well was excited! Until I started making a list of things to do in order to move away! So I have decided I will share all this fuss with you all. This way it gets smaller and smaller leaving me excited again. So here goes my current list:

  • Cross fingers for the decision to be made on the permanent residence permit before I leave.
  • And inform migrationsverket right after I get the permit that I will be leaving but I would like to keep my permanent residence permit valid.
  • Inform arbetsformedlingen, but I would like to keep the benefit till I leave since that’s when I get the job for real?
  • Apply for US visa
  • Inform skatteverket, but wait Nordea made a fuss about personnnumer what will happen to the bank account?
  • Check if I can keep the bank account.
  • Search for shipping companies to ship perhaps two boxes to US and estimate whether the cost will be reasonable (it surely will be if I add the emotional attachment I have to my belongings :/ )
  • Change the phone subscription to top-up or get a US simcard while in Sweden.
  • Ask a copy of my medical history, all the tests and the diagnosis
  • Check what happens to the pension stuff… or mourn over for elder me who will have no money
  • Research about the medical insurance and the health care system.
  • Find a house to live
  • Open up a new bank account
  • Get SSN
  • Try to get a non-driver photo id in US so I don’t have to carry my passport.
  • —–

More importantly I should remind myself to remain sane and recite why the frak it is a must for an academic to move all around the world and it it is for a greater good. It wasn’t a mistake on my behalf not stay in Sweden while I could?!! Why did I risk losing the not-so permanent residency right when I am this close to get it?!! Why why why?

Because I and my research focus needed a change? Yes it did. I might whine, but I know deep down that I needed a new challenge not just in science but also in life. I will return to membrane proteins full time in future, but for now I have to set foot out of my bubble to see what else is out there. Partly because it is a wiser career choice, partly because this is what I need to excel. As for life, I needed to change location to clear my memories. It was wonderful to be in Sweden while I was trying to learn how to be a grown up, I was hurt in a different way while living here. When things are broken this deep, only a change of location can help. The drawback is I love stability. I am truly madly deeply in love with the idea of me owning a house with a backyard (don’t get the wrong idea, not talking about a family. The house itself I want it), saying good morning to the same baker every Sunday for an infinite amount of years, having a room filled with the books I bought, and so forth.

It is my decisions that set this path. I am not walking to a future I didn’t desire… yet… I am whining this much about this move because of my love and need for stability. I am a bit nervous and sad (as I will be leaving behind friends too. I will be in touch, just I won’t see them as often) nevertheless excited about this new step.

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