OMG It is real!!!

It is truly happening! I am defending my thesis. June 1st, I will give my presentation a test run. June 13th, I will defend for real.

I am trying not to freak out about it despite me having hearing loss, essential tremors, anxiety, IBS, GERD, tinnitus, ear pain, muscle pain and all that jazz to top up my nervousness. Focusing on my beautiful thesis cover is my only option to calm down. It did work for today, but let’s see what will happen tomorrow.

And here is me with my gorgeous thesis and a close up of my thesis:IMG-20160526-WA0007

Haha, I look gorgeous too 🙂 Except I am still struggling to walk even 30 steps without being out of breath which could be related to my weight gain. So every dress I wear shows my belly (except for dresses like above which has more room), because I do have a belly now. It’s not going to be an easy fight, trying to convince my mother that it is ok for dresses to show my belly. I do not care if people thinks the dress looks ugly on me. The only thing I care is the pain I have to endure when wearing tights with the dresses. If I lower it it creates a bulge which just annoys me to see, if I keep it higher it divides my belly into two which is painful. Making it higher then my belly I reach out to another level of fat under my breasts, which is also painful and not a good host for the end point of the tights. I wonder what other people do? Skipping the tights is sort of a problem here with the cold weather.

Well enough with that, let’s go back to thesis. So this whole procedure is called “nailing”, “spikning” in Swedish. It apparently started with Martin Luther. He nailed his thesis on church doors. The tradition evolved, now you nail it to a piece of wood at the university. At KTH, it is not nailing, but hanging. They provide evenly spaced nails, drill a hole through your thesis and give you a string. Passing that string through the hole is challenging, luckily I have enough training with that (thank you, mom!), but it is not comparable to the actual nailing part. I think it would take me another five years to nail it, so it was nice of KTH to modify the tradition a bit. But it would be super uber fun to try it. Oh well I still have a copy, I can try it anytime I want.

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