Not a Joke!

There were quite many times I told myself that I was exaggerating the symptoms and my muscles were not actually in a horrible shape. I take all of it back. Perhaps the menstrual cycle also affects the level of pain. But these past two weeks were nightmarish. Tubular aggregate myopathy or whatever this is, it is a real deal, kiddos.

First of all playing dance central for 10-20 minutes as a form of exercise is a form of suicide but at least fun. The pain doesn’t go away quickly. When playing I stuck to one song so that at least muscle memory would make it easier later on. I have managed to get 100% correct on Medium level with ‘I am the Best’ song of 2NE1. Yatta! But to do that, I practised almost every day 10-30 minutes for ~2/3 weeks. I started from the beginners level and went all the way up to hardcore. In the short term, I left more alive and energetic than I even played an hour for two times. I ignored the pain since it wasn’t that horrible, and it would get better during the day. Here comes the but…

I stopped playing the past week because one night I got darker urine, fewer, cold like symptoms and I had too much pain. Scary! Even my biopsy site from a year ago was a little swollen (maybe it was always like that and I just realized it) and there was a dull pain in that leg. It took a couple of days for the muscle pain to settle but it was obvious that I overdid it.

Now the long term effects; I get tired from trivial activities, and I have problems falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest. I wake up with much more soreness, and stiffness in the morning than usual. I walk around like a zombie because even simple activities such as planting a couple of flowers in pots knock me out. Of course, these all could be the result of menstruation, hormonal changes and stress. But that means I cannot use this type of chaos to fight the chaos.

In summary, lesson learned: Don’t push the boundaries even if you feel ok. Keep playing Kinect games, just not more than 10-15 min, tough. Stick to being a couch potato for stress relief. There is always something to watch. These days especially lots and lots to watch… Game of Thrones (second episode of season 6 was a true pain killer)! Descendants of the Sun (second round)! It’s OK, That’s Love (Fourth round)!

If nothing works I can always watch Benny & Joon or random Running Man episodes to cheer up! Oh one of my favourites is where Haha makes fun of GD, asking whether he has seen Ji-Yong. Seeing Song Ji-Hyo jumping off the Macau Tower is another killer episode of course! I love her confidence! Song Ji-Hyo! Fighting!


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