Great Expectations

Do I truly expect too much from people? A friend once said this to me. Perhaps my unhappiness or disappointments were connected to it.
Say you meet with someone who says he or she is OK with people’s choice in gender to have sex with. You also hear them mentioning someone being gay several times. Is it expecting too much of them not to point out that choice that many times if they are truly OK with it? Am I reading too much into the situation?
I just cannot wrap my head around it. I didn’t think the conversation we were having required any input on that certain someone’s sexual preference. No one on the table asked if they had a chance of an intercourse with him. There weren’t any other man involved with the story so no need to attach any adjectives to distinguish people from each other.
I wanted to be more aggressive. I just said something not well phrased, something like ‘well you have mentioned him being gay so many times maybe he picked on something and was offended’ and didn’t prolonged the subject further, because I was a guest in someone else’s house I did not want to upset. But seriously people what hell is wrong with you?

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