Touchy and irritable

That is awesome advice from my daily astro page, one that I should remember always. I have been trying to understand why on earth I would react so horribly to tiny tiny things. For instance, once I stormed because of a piece of bread thrown into the trash. To be fair, it had happened before, it was not the first time. I had planned my breakfast thinking that I had bread. But then I hadn’t. So I just flipped… I was furious. It was literally the end of the world at that time, now I’m laughing at myself.

I still can’t figure out why but if astro says it, then it must be planets fault not my genetics.

Oh… please don’t look so surprised, I read astrology. I find it less dangerous than so-called holy books.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 23.58.00


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