Panic mode: ON

Everything is fixed for the dissertation and I will be in panic mode for the next six weeks.

Luckily I know how to fight the chaos. With chaos! I bought Kinect and dance central.  I don’t think I will rock the dance floor anytime soon but the pain on my muscles after playing the game will certainly create a distraction.

Oh and I still don’t know if I have a mutation causing these long and painful cramps and sore muscles, because the last blood sample was not for the genetic test it turned out. She just ordered a test for liver function or something like that. I actually don’t know the results of that test either.  I hate the medical systems, not just here but everywhere. You have to talk to many strangers. There are days I can’t talk to people I know over the phone, but I have to call and talk to strangers. Brrr… I will just wait until I get another appointment from the doctor, she would get in touch with me if the results were not good. For the genetic test, I have to wait a little longer.


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