Pulatise Tinnitus Cure Found

I have been quite during the conference and after. I would have kept quite if it wasn’t for this kick-ass correlation analysis. The data you are about to see is revolutionary. I have been visiting doctors, trying to get to the bottom of this tinnitus problem. I literally want to stab my ears – only the right one to be honest- pretty much every night. But something magical happened during LA. It might be a certain religious magic, more on that at a later time, or it might be related to the temperature. You see in LA, 48h after landing, I was cured of tinnitus. The constant signal was there but I am quite used to that bitch by now. The latest nightmare… pulsatile tinnitus.

It was quite magical. Day after day, I had good night sleep and nothing was playing in my ears. I didn’t get to taste full silence but it wasn’t thumping/buzzing. There were no drums. I thought maybe it is because I get quite tired during the day and pass out so I don’t get the chance to hear it. But I came back to Stockholm for 4-5 days… nothing… It’s like… nothing. I was finally free of it. Unbelievable…

Until it came back couple of days ago. Both during the conference and after I came back, I would feel like it was coming back for short periods of time (less than 15 min). During those minutes, I would feel something else; cold. My feet, my nose, my hands would get cold. When I put something on, keep myself warmer or start moving it would disappear.

In this house of course there is no keeping myself warm enough. The house temperature is slightly better than outside but certainly not habitable by my standards. I have wool socks, sleepers, wool carpet and a thin layer of laminate over the stupid linoleum but nothing keeps my feet warm. So my theory is that this annoying pulsatile tinnitus is related to my body temperature and circulation/swelling. Look at this beautiful graph:


There is no way that bullshit “Oh it’s your jaw” diagnosis is true. Now to gather real data, I should get several thermometers for indoors and for body, blood pressure monitor. If this tinnitus sound is objective, I could also get recordings. There must be a next generation stethoscope, mustn’t it?

Yes I am going crazy over this. How can I not! As I said, I literally want to stab my ear, only it is not detached from me and I would be stabbing myself. I fear that would be enough of a reason to lock me up.  I will not stab in order to keep my freedom. However I will find a solution. Maybe within a year, maybe a decade or a century. And when I do, I will be wishing every doctor I have seen a nice travel to hell.

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