Aaargh…. One of the side affects of writing is the constant need of noise. I’m not joking. If it is too silent, I can’t sit still. It reminds of the entrance exams to high school and university. So I listen music and I have to sing along of course from time to time. Everything seems normal so far, what’s so wrong about this you might say.

I’m singing in KOREAN! After watching that many dramas and half the available episodes of Running Man, I made my way to K-Pop. I would find the songs I liked from drama soundtracks but I have never actually googled group names until a few weeks ago.

It all started with the episode of the running man where BigBang was the guest. They looked interesting so I read about them at wiki. My jaw dropped at their success at such a young age. Wow. Just wow. One thing led to another, I decided to watch all the episodes of Running Man. Came across Choi Siwon, hmm he looks cute. Another wiki search, met with Super Junior. My jaw again dropped, how they can maintain a 8-12 member (I lost the count after 6) boy band. I can not get along with 6 of my siblings, they perform together? And they have some catchy songs on top.

So know my list is crowded with Super Junior and BigBang songs. Expanding to 2PM. I am not only listening but actually singing along. I spent 7 years in Sweden and didn’t go beyond saying tack. Me who for one reason or another didn’t learn Swedish is desperately trying to sing along in Korean…

I don’t know when I will finish all the writing but looks like I’ll learn Korean along the way 🙂

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