Padam… padam…

I wish there was an on/off button in our auditory system to eliminate the internal sounds. It’s really tiresome to hear these sounds all day long.

I kept saying it can’t get worse for sometime after the tinnitus started. Let me correct myself, there is tinnitus and then there is pulsatile version… If you think tinnitus is hell, you have no idea what you are talking about. You get the pulsatile one on top of that and now you have seen hell.

I couldn’t find any remedy yet to the problem other than a temporary relaxation while the ear is sealed but I’m afraid it will make the problem worse. It also doesn’t make sense. If this is my heartbeat/bloodflow why I feel relaxed when I should be hearing the internal noises more loudly?

I guess I should be prescribed the medication called ‘Nature’, find my peace with my nervous system and all should be well. Not much left… July-August… sea (me not swimming), beach, sun or a cabin in the woods with some books (there has to be a fireplace)…


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