Love microbes

On the bright side of being ill, I have a chance to do Korean Drama Marathon. This time it was “Secret” and “Producers”. No I don’t recommend you to watch “Secret” unless you are sick and you just need noise to be around. “Producer” was bearable but it ended so abruptly. Watch “It’s OK, It’s Love” or “Master’s Sun” instead they are much better. Being ill also gave me the chance to level up in Diablo 3. Now that my immune system kicked in, I get headaches and feel tired.

Day 4, this time my immune system reacted on Day 4. I’m of course not counting the days where I only had a sore-throat and did everything in my power to prevent it. I tell you nothing works. If it’s gonna take over your ears, nose and throat, it will take over your ears, nose and throat. I envy people who takes one aspirin on Day 1 and they are ok the next day. This virus is quite different than the rest tough. Past couple of years, I got used to starting with laryngitis and then having all the other -itis on the side. This one decided it will just mess my sinuses and ears.

It left me in pain with completely blocked ears for days. Not exaggerating the blocked ears. My hearing was impaired. Right ear was hearing 20dB less then usual, which would place me on the age of mid hearing loss. Left ear was still on the mild range as its used to be. I usually take pseudoephedrine and I feel better after. This time nothing helped. Not to mention the pain and the tinnitus.

Now that my immune system kicked in and it’s fighting, they are a bit better. But I have a headache that is not helped by paracetamol. I have never ever had a headache not cured by 500mg of paracetamol.

Talking this long about a simple respiratory infection, as you can guess I am quite bored. I gave blood samples for genetic screening last Friday. They are going to sequence my STIM1 gene. Hurray!!! Since I got the diagnosis as TAM, my doctor looked up some articles and decided that I should get this gene screened for mutations. Well I, of course, knew about this gene all along. But I try not be a know-it-all at the doctors office. Not always helps, like during my last visit to ENT. She spent 30 seconds on my diagnosis. She has an underbite. Her tinnitus and pain must be caused by the jaw. I hate to say it but it was bullshit. My jaw had nothing to do with it. Sure I might have predisposition due to the anatomy which would include my jaw shape but tinnitus and all that problems started after long lasting infection. It’s most likely eustachian tube dysfunction. Diagnosing yourself doesn’t go beyond guess since I can’t take a CT or MRI to rule out anything else.

I should get rich and invest to the labs for the analysis of my upper respiratory infections. Or just wait for the STIM1 sequence. If there are mutations to it, it would explain my problems with them. I hate being sick. It hurts and nothing helps. I cannot even use onions for cooking when I’m sick. They burn like hell when I chop them.

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