Lots of ‘Oh no! I didn’t finish the project!’s and ‘Why?’s …

Starting to feel like my brain is the crazy one here and there is actually nothing wrong with my body. Now I’m suffering from knee pain… I have been standing a bit more than usual, but so what! You don’t have to punish me for several days for that. I got the message already.

I came home early because of the pain with little motivation to finalise the analysis on GluCl, I decided to finish the project for the course ‘Software development toolbox‘. The course was very useful. I actually think I would do two PhDs within 5 years, if I had learned and applied all that. I probably should fail the course for delivering the project awfully late though.

Regardless for now I should focus on finishing the project, otherwise I’ll never start using github and I’ll never create proper documentation.

Here is the link to the project’s website: stb.proteinart.net .

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